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09 Free Donations

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Very brief post here, but for those who aren’t already aware and use Amazon, Amazon Smile is an option that can be selected in order to make a free donation every time you make a purchase on Amazon. When you shop on Amazon Smile, their Foundation will donate 0.5% of the cost of all eligible products to your chosen charity.

When you select a charity in your account you are effectively diverting that small percentage away from Amazon's profits to your charity of choice, and it just needs to be activated by you.

Signup is simple and the only difference we notice is that when we buy anything, we spot the donated amount on our Amazon receipt.

Many of you may already have a charity close to your heart but if you are stuck please support Latch or Cost of cancer who have supported Mason greatly.

I've included a screenshot of our personal data so far below and although it feels as if our contribution is tiny, it does build up.

Amazon Smile expires every 6 months so you need to re-select a charity to keep it active.

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