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23 18:46

18:46 is the time taken for a 4-year-old cancer survivor to complete a Parkrun.

Mason has just turned 4 years old in January and completing his first Parkrun was so much more than just a run.

This is our 23rd blog post and if you have followed the previous 22 you will understand that it's a pretty great achievement for him/us & a testament to all those who have supported him through his cancer journey.

Post-treatment he has recovered well, and passed all routine scans. His most recent MRI scan, however, at Christmas revealed he had a collapsed lung, which is something we've monitored closely since.


Mason has regularly supported & cheered his big sister Paige from the sideline of Junior Parkrun.  He has been eager to join in with the warmups but would have to wait until his 4th birthday before we could register him to take part. 11-Feb-24 became the date and it wasn't a special day, nothing was planned, and in fact, we all woke up late and spontaneously decided that we’d run.

I guess that's how you start

We are currently fundraising for Children with Cancer UK who are researching childhood sarcomas. If you can support please use the link below:

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