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02 A second opinion counts

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

We monitored the lump for a few days, assuming it was from the adventures of a one year old crawling around the house and learning to stand, climbing & rolling around but the lump didn’t reduce or bruise. We made an appointment with our local GP.

Upon visit to GP the lump was reviewed, confirmed feels like bone, likely related to his growth phase and that he would contact paediatrics for advice and be in touch. I remember leaving the surgery feeling good that we have done the right thing, taken action and that paediatrics will be in touch soon to discuss.

A couple of weeks passed, no contact from GP or paediatrics and the lump is looking like it's getting bigger and more pronounced on his back. We then took the decision to raise again for a second opinion with a matter of urgency with a different surgery and this is when things started moving faster.

[we would later find out that the initial GP had taken the decision to monitor initially rather than contact paediatrics]

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