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01 Finding a lump

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Just how most things start out, on a normal evening. It’s one of those things where I haven’t a clue what we were doing that day but the memory of picking him out the bath is now engraved in my mind. The first indication we would receive, that Mason needed attention. It solidifies the start of a very different year for us,

As I picked him out of the bath and started to dry him, I noticed a lump under his skin on his lower back, it was very slight but it bugged me. He crawled into his bedroom where we would get him ready for bed with his milk on standby as I mentioned to Em to check and see what she thought. Something wasn’t quite right. I checked my own lower back/waist area for something similar before calling big sister over to compare her lower back/waist.

Has he had a fall? Has he bumped himself? Have you noticed this before? These were the sorts of things we asked ourselves. He was cheery, playful and smiling like normal. Whatever it was, was not bothering him at all.

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